About Us

We are a UK based hire service company that aims to give everyone the option and the enjoyment of wearing a sari, at a fraction of the price and without the hassle.

We have years of sari experience behind us, and have developed our brand with you, our customers, in mind. Each item has been handpicked and custom made.

We aim to make each of our lovely customers feel happy, comfortable and confident with their orders. We want wearing a sari to return to being the glamourous experience we know it to be.

So choose your sari, wear it and return it ... it’s as easy as that!

Here at Sari Hire, we also care about our environment, which is why one of our main objectives is to help tackle the issue of ‘fast fashion’. Every time you hire a sari from us, you are helping us reduce the number of garments sent to landfill.

We have also worked hard to ensure all of our items, including our mailing bags, sari packaging and clothing labels, are made from recycled materials, and are also recyclable after use.

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